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The Web is Empowering

The Web can give the power to communicate to everyone, regardless of physical, cultural or geographical barriers. It’s a democratic platform that can enable exchange of knowledge and information.

We embrace its adaptability and power, to remove barriers and connect users to information.

We believe in

One Web

The web should be consumable on every connectable device, regardless of form factor, interface, or platform.

We embrace the diversity and fluidity of the web.


Everyone has the right to access the web regardless of geographical position, technology availability, language barriers, or physical disabilities.


We want the web to deliver the best possible experience to the user, as a form of respect for her time and attention. This means fast, efficient and progressive web sites.

Continuously Improving

The web is an evolving ecosystem. Building with an iterative approach ensures web products to be constantly up to date.

Future Friendly

Standards and semantics are the foundations of the web. Cutting-edge technologies and interaction models can always be added on top, and replaced infinitively without affecting the core content.

By building the web on top of these solid foundations we can ensure the next iteration will be ready for the next revolution, technological or cultural.

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